Fiction – Print

“How to Fly” and “Tonguing It”
Trnsfr, Issue Six (forthcoming)

“Call It a Map”
Willow Springs, Issue 76, Fall 2015
(winner of the 2015 Willow Springs Fiction Prize)

“Hacking & Packing”
Fourteen Hills, Vol 19.1, Jan 2013
(winner of the 2013 Holmes Award)

Curbside Splendor, Issue Four, Fall 2012

“On Tender Hooks”
The Massachusetts Review, Vol 53, Issue 3, Oct 2012

“1964, Berkeley”
CONSEQUENCE, Volume Four, May 2012


Fiction – Online

“Emergency Exit” (ebook only)
Working Titles (The Massachusetts Review), Vol 1, No 4, April 2016

“Call It a Map” and accompanying interview
Winner of the 2015 Willow Springs Fiction Prize
Willow Springs, Issue 76, June 2015

An excerpt from The Mere Weight of Words
The Collagist, June 2012

“Sacramento, 2006”
Newfound, March 2012
(nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“Kris and Tyler Compete”
> kill author, August 2011

“A Life in Ambles”
The Molotov Cocktail, April 2010

“The Dual”
apt, December 2007



On Adrienne Rich’s “Planetarium;” “Six Writers on the Lasting Influence of Adrienne Rich”
The Critical Flame, March 2015

Top Ten Calls to Literary Arms
Little Fiction, December 2013

Revision essay for “Hacking and Packing” (2013 Bambi Holmes Award Winner Unpacks “Hacking and Packing”)
Fourteen Hills, November 2013

How to Be Part of a Literary Community
carissahalston.com, February 2013

“Stories about Scars,” a review of Peter Grandbois’s The Arsenic Lobster
The Lit Pub, October 2012
(nominated for inclusion in Best of the Net)

“We All Become Consumed by One Place or Another,” a review of Eric Drooker’s Flood!
The Lit Pub, August 2012

On Revision
Necessary Fiction, July 2012

“Pretending to Be Adult Enough to Make Adult Decisions,” a review of John Cotter’s Under the Small Lights
The Lit Pub, March 2012

On Robb Todd’s “Everything I Think about When I’m Trying Not to Think”
> kill author, August 2011



Semi-Finalist for Fiction
for The Many Languages You Don’t Speak
YesYes Books 2017 Reading Period

Finalist for 2017 Writers’ Room of Boston Fellowship
The Writers’ Room of Boston

Honorable Mention for 2015 Robert and Adele Schiff Awards
for “The Exact Same Prize”
The Cincinnati Review  (University of Cincinnati)

2015 Willow Springs Fiction Prize Recipient
for “Call It a Map”
Willow Springs (Eastern Washington University)

2013 Dean’s Fellowship
for MFA in Creative Writing (class of 2015)
University of Maryland College Park

2013 Bambi Holmes Award Recipient
for “Hacking and Packing”
Fourteen Hills (San Francisco State University)

2013 Best of the Net Nominee
for “Stories about Scars,” a review of Peter Grandbois’s The Arsenic Lobster
The Lit Pub

2012 Pushcart Prize Nominee
for “Sacramento, 2006”

2012 Grant Recipient
for Conjoined States (novel-in-progress)
Turkey Land Cove Foundation

Wesleyan Scholarship Recipient
for Conjoined States (novel-in-progress)
2012 Wesleyan Writers Conference

2012 Mary Doyle Curran Prize Recipient
for The Mere Weight of Words (excerpt)
University of Massachusetts Boston

2010-2012 Chancellor’s Scholarship for Excellence
for BA in Creative Writing (class of 2012)
University of Massachusetts Boston

Honorable Mention in General Fiction
for A Girl Named Charlie Lester
2008 New York Book Festival