Less than two weeks until opening night of White Rabbit Red Rabbit and I couldn’t be more excited! Also, nervous. Also, scared. But mainly really excited.

I took part in a cast interview over at the Aforementioned blog, going over my introduction to the show, and how I’m preparing to perform a play I’ve never seen or read:

The bond between the audience and the actor is the work. By that, I mean the play itself, but also the effort. The follow-my-lead of it all. The are-you-with-me-so-far? relationship. The moments when the actor is leaning forward and the audience is leaning too, and the thing that catches them is the material wed to the delivery.

That’s what I’m most excited about. The symbiotic relationship between the actor and the audience and the work.

I also talk a bit about the novel I’ve been working on, and Krysten Hill’s forthcoming chapbook, How Her Spirit Got Out!

Read the full interview, and then go get your tickets! Can’t wait to see you at OBERON on November 14, Boston!


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