I’m thrilled to say that my long story (97 pages!), “Emergency Exit,” is now available as an ebook from The Massachusetts Review!

It’s a story about (among other things) competition, envy, and expectations, and it follows a stewardess who has sex with passengers while she’s at work.

It was such a delight working with the crew at MR, and Managing Editor Emily Wojcik-Thurston wrote an intro that’s an essay in its own right–here’s a peek:

“There is a cliché about female friendship—especially workplace friendships. It suggests a parade of pre-dawn yoga classes, fretting in the break room about sex and weight gain, and complaining over happy-hour Cosmos. Or else constant competition, office “frenemies” who backhandedly compliment each other’s haircuts while spreading vicious gossip or digging their claws into easily seduced bosses. Female friendship is at best a shallow diversion from job or family, at worst, a career-ending betrayal: BFF or backstabber.

Which is what makes Carissa Halston’s brutally funny, complicated Emergency Exit feel so original. Her women—stewardesses (not flight attendants in this world slightly out of time)—grab the narrative controls from the very beginning and fly this particular plane into uncharted airspace. You may think you’ve met Halston’s unnamed Stewardess before, perhaps in an episode of Mad Men or maybe the pages of some low-rent pulp novel.”

You can read an excerpt or jump right in and buy the story—it’s available from Amazon and, much to the delight of my bookselling heart, also from Kobo!

And just in case you’re into A/V: you can hear me read from the story, courtesy of Steven LaFond and his reading series, Belt It Out:

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