The Exact Same Prize

Published at Longform If Montana had known Evan’s grandmother was about to toss herself off the roof, she probably would’ve sent Evan a text. But Mina hadn’t mentioned any plans for any roof, had only said, “Have him call me ...
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Hacking and Packing

Recipient of the Holmes Memorial Prize
Published in Fourteen Hills

Leslie’s father had a five-foot circumference and liked to say his reputation preceded him. Fingers clasped over his ever-widening waistline, he often laughed, “This is My Reputation.” Leslie had inherited ...
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Emergency Exit

Published as an ebook through The Massachusetts Review
The Stewardess was out of control. She was told when to speak, what to say, what to wear, when to change it, how to stand, where to sit, and how to serve ...
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Call It a Map

Winner of the Willow Springs Fiction Prize
What I would’ve given to have been a magician. To say, “Now you see me, now you don’t.” But Tilly says I would’ve made the most inept magician the world has never seen ...
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Sacramento, 2006

Nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Newfound
You’ve only ever had three real jobs: baby, student, nurse. Your Mom called you Baby from the day you were born to the day she died. Babies cannot---and should not attempt to---make other ...
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1964, Berkeley

Published at Consequence
Mother says no. Warns you against it. Says you’ll regret the loss of freedom and couldn’t you just burn your bra like everybody else? “Mother,” you reply, saying the word like you own it, “I know ...
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On Tender Hooks

Published at The Massachusetts Review
Seattle. 1931.
You tell them no one listens to new wives. Ironically, you say it expecting them to listen. You say it to Lou, who says he didn’t marry you for conversation, then dodges your ...
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Publications (Novellas, Short Stories, and Non-Fiction)

Mizna: The Queer and Trans Voices Issue (December 2020)

“By Any Other Name”
The Normal School (November 2018)
Short Story

“How to Fly”
Trnsfr (July 2018)
Flash Fiction

“The Exact Same Prize”
Longform Fiction (May 2018)
—Honorable Mention for the Robert and Adele Schiff Prose Award

Emergency Exit
Working Titles (Volume 4 – April 2016) via The Massachusetts Review

“Call It a Map”
Willow Springs (Fall 2015)
—Recipient of the Willow Springs Fiction Prize

“Hacking and Packing”
Fourteen Hills (January 2013)
Short Story
—Recipient of the Bambi Holmes Memorial Prize

“On Tender Hooks”
The Massachusetts Review (October 2012)
Short Story

Curbside Splendor (Fall 2012)
Short Story

Excerpt from “The Mere Weight of Words”
The Collagist (June 2012)
Short Story
—Recipient of the Mary Curran Doyle Memorial Prize

Little Fiction (June 2012)
Short Story

“1964, Berkeley”
Consequence (May 2012)
Short Story

“Sacramento: 2006”
Newfound (March 2012)
Short Story
—Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Kris and Tyler Compete”
> kill author (August 2011)
Flash Fiction

“A Life in Ambles”
The Molotov Cocktail (May 2010)
Flash Fiction

Honors and Awards

2019 Eugene Garber Fiction Prize Recipient
for an excerpt from Conjoined States
University at Albany State University of New York

Finalist for 2017 Writers’ Room of Boston Fellowship
The Writers’ Room of Boston

Honorable Mention for 2015 Robert and Adele Schiff Prose Award
for “The Exact Same Prize”
The Cincinnati Review  

2015 Willow Springs Fiction Prize Recipient
for “Call It a Map”
Willow Springs

2013-15 Dean’s Fellow
for MFA in Creative Writing
University of Maryland

2013 Bambi Holmes Award for Emerging Writers Recipient
for “Hacking and Packing”
Fourteen Hills

2013 Best of the Net Nominee
for “Stories about Scars,” a review of Peter Grandbois’s The Arsenic Lobster
The Lit Pub

2012 Pushcart Prize Nominee
for “Sacramento, 2006”

2012 Writer-in-Residence
for Conjoined States (novel-in-progress)
Turkey Land Cove Foundation

Wesleyan Scholarship Recipient
for Conjoined States (novel-in-progress)
2012 Wesleyan Writers Conference

2012 Mary Doyle Curran Prize Recipient
for The Mere Weight of Words (excerpt)
University of Massachusetts Boston

2010-2012 Chancellor’s Scholar for Excellence
for BA in Creative Writing
University of Massachusetts Boston

Honorable Mention in General Fiction
for A Girl Named Charlie Lester
2008 New York Book Festival